“You may be able to do anything, but you can’t do everything.”

What does your ideal day look like? What is keeping you from living that ideal life?

Delegation can be the antidote to life’s chaos and the first step to living your ideal life.

Large corporations have the funds and size to delegate efficiently through the hiring of employees for specific roles that support management and are responsible for fulfilling the administrative tasks of the company. Wouldn’t that be great for your company? Wouldn’t that be great for you? Embracing delegation is like forming a new healthy habit; it’s not easy and it takes time to adjust to the new normal, but in the end it’s worth all the effort.

However, if you aren’t a large company then you likely don’t have this built-in delegation system. Maybe it was the pandemic, the shallow talent pool, or perhaps it was simply a lack of time for training entry level staff – whatever the case, you have probably found that you don’t have time to step back and even think of what it is you would delegate. This means that you are spending a significant amount of your own time doing things that you may not want to be doing, or may not be good at, such as:

This is where professional virtual assistants (“VAs”) come in. They can lead you on your path to delegation nirvana. VAs are cost effective since most only charge by the hour worked, require no benefits or promotions, and need no time to train. A lot more economical than a full-time, salaried employee.

A good VA team will complete administrative work in a fraction of the time you — as the business owner — might, and without the need for 1:1 management. A good VA can not only help to streamline and focus your professional work life, but will also free up valuable mental energy, allowing you to make better business decisions, develop stronger connections, and pursue the next lucrative opportunity. Not to mention giving you more time for your family and leisure activities.

The Scullin Group’s VA Service offers a variety of skill sets to meet your individual needs. After an initial consultation, the Scullin Group will work with you to determine what we can take off your plate, including possible streamlining or automating certain processes and setting up regular routines. We will then review these options with you and agree upon the best course of action. We regularly check in with our clients to ensure they are getting what they need – no more, no less. After an initial two-month commitment, our services are cancellable at any time with a 30-day notice. Plus, our services are guaranteed to meet your expectations, or we will refund 20% of our fee. For more information, contact us at info@scullingroup.com, 215-640-3330.