Our EDGAR® Compliance Services

Accurate, on time filing without the overhead.

We are a trusted, full-service EDGAR® filing agent that takes pride in handling your complex compliance needs with confidence and a personal touch. Our handpicked team of experienced editors perform confidential document formatting and coding, giving you branded, stylized documents that are SEC compliant.

As liaisons between our clients and the SEC, we stay up to date on financial news and changes to the strict specifications filings must meet to ensure acceptance by the SEC.

In addition to our EDGAR® services, we support iXBRL/XBRL tagging.

To learn more about EDGAR®, financial printing, and the SEC, visit our EDGAR® Resources page.

Our secure services include the “EDGARization” of text and tables into HTML or XML from Excel, Word, PowerPoint or PDF formats. We offer cost effective amendment processing, redlining, and distribution of “EDGARized” documents. In addition to providing filing schedules, blank forms, and templates, we confirm SEC filing codes and store them securely for future reference, update company information with the SEC, and communicate with filer support regarding FEDWIRE funds as part of our white glove service.

Information and data security is a top priority at the Scullin Group. We will handle your confidential documentation by SOC 2 and FINRA standards, provide you with essential SEC filing information, and take care of the little details to ensure your documents are converted and filed on time, with the speed and accuracy that’s required, so you can focus your attention elsewhere with the peace of mind that we’ve got this.

Additionally, when you work with us, publishing from EDGAR® to typeset and printed document is a seamless process that allows for accurate, multi-level reporting.

Our service offerings are available a la carte, or can work together to fully meet your needs.

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