Client Stories

What it’s like working with us

Your attention to detail and your quick turn-around is impressive!
 – Tom P.

A high-profile client of ours has many team members working from different parts of the country. Projects in firms of their size, with many moving parts and contributors, could easily become disorganized. With their complex needs, they require an experienced team to handle the components of their regulatory disclosure process. For their most recent Annual Report and Proxy Statement, they chose The Scullin Group to manage their print and EDGAR project from start to finish. Our skilled technicians were able to accommodate client-specific style preferences and multiple on demand edits they received from several of our client’s different team members, simultaneously organizing and streamlining all moving parts of their project while our CEO shepherded the process herself. Our client appreciates that we are a small team with a great deal of experience, skill, and expertise, but it is the personal touch we give to each of our projects that really sets our work apart for them.

Thank you for the quick turn-around!
 – Vicki B.

We recently turned a client’s last-minute, deadline day panic into relief when our small, curated support team of specifically trained professionals took over their project. We dedicated our best formatting expert to turn their edits on demand, while our most experienced compositor (?) and proofreader kept the project steamlined, accurate, and progressing quickly. In constant communication with the client, we managed to deliver what they thought was impossible. Within hours, a project in pieces was filed successfully, and most important to us: our client was happy.

Love the Scullin Group! They are a virtual extension of our team and free up our time to focus on our core business. Love their attention to detail and how easily they take care of their tasks for us. Thank you!
 – Claire G.

We work within a local food delivery company’s CRM system daily to tag their clients and orders, in addition to composing, editing, and sending targeted reminder emails through their CRM platform. This streamlined, consistent attention helps to maintain their dependable, efficient ordering and delivery schedule. Their clients have come to depend on the accuracy and timeliness of the regular email updates we organize, schedule, and send for this company. By allowing us to handle these time-eating operations, our client can focus on what they’re passionate about: creating yummy, healthy homemade meals for their clients and getting them delivered throughout the Greater Philadelphia region on time.

TSG helps take care of the details and keep me on track so I have more time to focus on the bigger picture to help move my business forward.
– Julie H.

Julie is a businesswoman juggling the demands of her Color Street shop while working full time. She needed help to keep her customers organized and supported through direct communication, check-ins, and updates. Our team worked collaboratively with Julie to design google form surveys and email automations in Mailchimp for customer outreach. With the help of TSG, Julie was able to transition seamlessly to a new platform, Square UP, where we recreated her branded email templates and continue to implement her outreach schedule to date. This hands-off approach is perfect for Julie’s business style: no muss, no fuss!

TSG Team —Thank you for your great work on this.
– Doug L., Esq.

A financial services firm needed support recently with a confidential IPO and came to TSG through direct referral. They needed a team that could accommodate their process with 24/7 support, as members of their large group are based in different time zones. Our on-call team was able to provide swift, accurate revisions and CPOs that kept their project moving smoothly. TSG managed the daunting process with ease—without the need for the working group to download and implement additional platforms and potentially non-secure “virtual data rooms.” At TSG, there is a person behind every process, and as a small, consistently communicating team, we are pros at making sure nothing slips through the cracks. We were there every step of the way and guided our client through their first successful IPO filing.

From the paper choice to the gloss coating, it all looks very nice! Thanks so much for your ideas and help. It really came together nicely and really reflects our brand.
– Christine P.

We are pleased to have multiple clients who utilize both our typeset and EDGAR services. Printing financial documents can be a daunting process: one with zero margin for error. It requires experience, a discerning eye, and a thorough knowledge of the entire endeavor from start to finish–including the press side of printing. Our stringent quality control measures throughout the project and clear, decisive communication with the printer assure our clients a smooth experience and the best representation of their work and brand. From their draft documents to physical books, our clients value our experience and demonstrated excellence in managing the highly-detailed process of printing their financial projects.

Scullin Group has been a tremendous help to me in running my business. I am a low tech person in a high tech business environment – and busy. They fill the gap. They handle media outreach for my business keeping me on par in my market niche. They are timely, on top of things and have great graphic sensibilities. They are easy and pleasing to work with. They have made a big difference in my operations. Thank you The Scullin Group!
– Pamela W.

We met Pamela, a Licensed Massage Therapist, in 2017 when her myofascial classes were taking off. She had a “good” problem: she needed help efficiently organizing and communicating with her rapidly growing circle of clients and associates. During our consultations, we helped guide Pamela to a system that would best suit her business and clients. Together, we designed emails, set up her email blast schedule, and implemented the system for her through an email marketing platform. With her process completely streamlined, Pamela spends less time working on her business and more time working on her clients! The knots don’t stand a chance.