About Us

Delegate without adding staff

Imagine how productive you could be if you had someone to turn to for SEC filings and all the admin tasks that eat up your day. How much time would you free up? How many mistakes would you avoid? Now imagine if you could delegate these duties without the cost and headaches that come with added staff.

A Trusted Ally to Public and Private Businesses for 30 Years


The Scullin Group has been a trusted ally to overstretched public and private businesses for over 20 years, supplying financial compliance and administrative support – when and how you need it. Clients delegate their critical yet mundane and time-consuming tasks to us, so they are free to focus on the things they alone can do to make their enterprise thrive. Our personal, detail-driven approach ensures your EDGAR filings, CRM upkeep, email outreach, bookkeeping and other busy work gets done right and on time, without the additional overhead that full-time employees bring.

Founded in 1991 by Frank Scullin, TSG began as a financial printing firm offering regulation filing and legal printing support, but demand for our attentive customer service led us to expand our back-office capabilities to include virtual administration, association management, corporate and event printing and mailings. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, we are family owned and women run, and operate as an on-demand extension of your in-house staff.

CEO Alicia J. Thorpe and her highly skilled team have years of experience tending to the custom needs of all walks of business, and go above and beyond to turn last minute deadline panic into high fives of relief.

Focus on your strengths.

We’ve got the rest.